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    Sanitizing Hand Cream is Here!

    Sanitizing Hand Cream is Here!

    Okay, who else is sick of DRY and Cracked Hands? Yup, us too.

    Thats why we created, Touché Sanitizing Hand Cream!

    On the go, in the car, or at home this chic bottle will make you feel ready for any adventure. Touché sanitizing moisturizer is packed with over 5 essential oils and vitamins to nourish as it protects.

    How it Works

    With over 5 essential oils and vitamins, Touche hand cream nourishes with Shea Butter & Vitamin E, sanitizes with Tea Tree Oil, and leaves your hands feeling refreshed with lavender and citrus! 


    We only made a few of these, so pick them up while you can :)

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