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    Top 4 Ways to Stay Safe While Shopping during a Pandemic

    Top 4 Ways to Stay Safe While Shopping during a Pandemic

    Pandemic Shopping 101

    What a Time to be Alive. 

    While running essential errands, there is always a voice in your head worrying you about the very real threat of COVID-19. As the world slowly opens back up, going out can be exciting but it is important to insure your safety and the safety of the people around you. Every door handle, self serve check out and shopping cart has been touched by hundreds of people a day. So, how do you navigate todays world without spreading germs? Here are the top 5 ways to avoid germs during COVID-19.

    Number 4: Masks and Gloves 

    According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, face shields have been shown to reduce viral exposure by 96% when worn within 18 inches of a cough. Masks and face shields are a great way to protect yourself from COVID-19, as it blocks any entry through your nose and mouth, and even your eyes when using a face shield. Face shields are becoming more and more popular as the summer rolls in, as it is a much less intrusive option to a mask, which can make you quite uncomfortable in the heat. The only con of these options is they do not protect your hands from transferring germs to your face, or other people. This brings us to our next option. 

    Number 3: Sanitizing Hand Cream 

    One of the most sure fire ways not to spread the germs you may pick up on your hands it simple, wash them! Keeping hand sanitizer on you, disinfecting commonly used items (like your steering wheel and keys) and washing your hands as soon as you get home is very important to stay safe. Any and all methods are futile if you do not wash your hands properly, and often. When out doing your chores, don’t touch your face, clothes or other people before you get a chance to sanitize. Don’t forget to get the commonly forgotten areas of your hands when washing, like the tops of your hands, your thumbs and under your nails!

    This one is our fave! 

    Number 2: Avoiding Shared Surfaces with Touch Tools

    No-Touche Door opening tools, especially ones made from antimicrobial materials such as brass, copper or nickel are the easiest way to avoid germs whilst running essential errands. Antimicrobial materials kill any germs on its surface within a few hours, so unlike gloves you don't need to wash it off, or throw them away with each use. Simply leave it in your car until your next shopping trip and it will be ready to go with you. These No-Touch tools can be used to open doors, press buttons on the POS machine, and some even come with stylus tips so you can use self-checkout kiosks without touching the screen. Our favourite No-Touch Tool is by Touche Company. The Touche Tool is assembled in Canada by three young siblings who started the business in their childhood home when the pandemic began, they even donate much of their profits to Food Banks Canada to help give back to their community. The Touche Tool can be found on Amazon, and their website. Their Touche Tools come with stylus tips, adorable packaging you can keep your tool in and they deliver locally.  

    Number 1: Strong personal Hygiene Regimen 

    No single method is enough to keep you safe, it is best to use a combination of a few of them. Masks or face shields to protect from airborne germs, the Touché Tool to prevent the spread of germs on shared surfaces in an eco friendly manner, and washing your hands as soon as you get home. If you have symptoms, stay home and utilize delivery services if they are accessible to you! We are all in this together, help one another, and stay safe.


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