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    Touché Tool and Real Canadian Superstore!

    Touché Tool and Real Canadian Superstore!

    Hey Everyone,

    Connor here. 

    Touché and the Touché Tool are now in EVERY REAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE ACROSS CANADA.

    That is 100+ locations, across Canada. Can you believe that? 

    Sophie, Josh, and I started this business out of our home. WIth hard work, perseverance, and some tears, we ended up getting the Touché Tool in one of canada's largest retailers. 


    We are currently only piloting in each store. That means, depending on sales, they may or may not reorder! 

    If you have ever shopped with us, and have been thinking about reordering, please go into your local Real Canadian Superstore and pick up a Touché Tool there! 

    Let's make Touché a mainstay in their catalogue! We need your support <3 

    Find a store closest to you! 

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