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About The Touché Tool

What Does Antimicrobial Actually Mean?

Antimicrobial technologies minimize the presence of bacteria, mold, and fungi. In contrast to antibacterial agents, antimicrobial substances offer a greater level of product protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes on surfaces for very long periods of time. Learn more about Antimicrobial substances here.

To view a study directly from the American Society for Microbiology click here.

To see a study a recent study from the Smithsonian click here

What Can I Use the Touché Tool For?

The Touché Tool has over 50 practical use applications.

- Open and close doors.

- Carry bags and groceries.

-Type on Keypads and ATM’S.

Touch crosswalk, elevator and other buttons commonly encountered in everyday situations.

- Open and transport smaller food deliveries.

- Use touchscreens on your phone, keypads or grocery checkouts.

How Big is the Touché Tool?

The Touche Tool is 7 CM long (2.76 Inches) and 3.5 CM Wide (1.38 inches) This makes it compact, sleek and effective.

How do I keep the Stylus Tips on my Touché Tool?

Boy, these little guys sure are tricky. These are not permanently affixed to the Touché Tool because they do not hold the same antimicrobial properties as Copper or Nickel. It is up to you whether you want to attach them or not :) 

Some customers like to glue these bad boys on. A simple, yet effective solution, while we develop a more elegant solution! 

What is the Stylus Tip For?

They are used for touchscreens at grocery checkout, ATMs or on your smartphone. You can take them on and off as needed :)

What is the Touché Tool made out of?

The Touché Tool is custom cast out of Zinc Alloy and plated in a thick layer of Copper and Nickel. All materials used in creating the Touché Tool are naturally antimicrobial. 

How Can I Clean my Touché Tool?

Click here for a great article on caring for brass and copper jewelry.

The Touché Tool adds a layer of protection but is not a replacement to washing your hands.

About our Sanitizer Bracelets

Does my Bracelet come with sanitizer?

No, your bracelet is meant to be an eco friendly and stylish reusable sanitizer option. It does not come with sanitizer.

How do I fill my bracelet with Sanitizer?

Each bracelet comes with a small bottle which is used to fill the bracelet. 

How much sanitizer does each bracelet hold?

Each bracelet holds 15ml. Approximately 5-6 cleans.  

My Bracelet is leaking, what do I do?

Variations in air temperature may cause the bracelet to expand or contract. This can cause the cap to be loosened. Releasing the seal will reduce air pressure build-up and help prevent unwanted leaks.

Wholesale and Custom Products

Does Touché offer wholesale?

Yes we do. For wholesale, please click here

Does Touché offer custom products

We offer many custom solutions. We offer amazing wholesale prices, 1on1 design work, Custom branded products, cutting edge lead times, personalized 'Thank You' cards and branded boxes. To inquire, click here 

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