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    Want Your Groceries Paid For?

    Well. Now is your chance! 
    To celebrate our launch with Real Canadian Superstore in Ontario, we want to cover your grocery bill this holiday season!

    Here is How to Enter

    1) Head to your local Real Canadian Superstore.
    2) While shopping, pick up a Touché Tool™.
    3) Send us a picture of your receipt (Instagram @touchetool or email at
    4) Sit tight! 4 Winners selected on December 14th**. 


    Mon - Friday: 8AM - 6PM
    Saturday: 9AM - 6PM
    Sunday: 9AM - 5PM


    **Contest Ends November 25th. Entries are counted for every receipt that includes the purchase of a Touché Tool. Tool may not be returned and disqualifies you from the contest. Prizes are claimed by DMing @Touchetool on Instagram. Prizes are not redeemed at Real Canadian Superstore. Winners have receipts paid for through cheque. Groceries paid for up to $500. 4 Winners selected on December 14th. Not affiliated with Real Canadian Superstore. 

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