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Childrens Face Shield by Touché | 2 Pack

Childrens Face Shield by Touché | 2 Pack.

Childrens Face Shield by Touché | 2 Pack

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Introducing the first product in our Back to School Collection. 

Premium, stylish, and effective, our Childrens face shield features a Anti-fog, transparent, recyclable and waterproof visor accompanied with stylish glasses .

Ultralight and versatile by design, our face shield has been designed to effectively protect your whole face from unwanted germs or contact with your hands. 

Keep your little ones safe as they head back to school...

- Acts as a barrier to touching your face.

- Protects from spit and other droplets.

- Safe, practical, and lightweight.

Each pack comes with 2 Glasses and 3 Fun designs (Red, Blue, Pink)

NOTICE: PEEL OFF PROTECTIVE FILM ON BOTH SIDES OF VISOR BEFORE USE. Treated with anti-fog coating to improve maximum visibility, durable and practical. Plastic face shield is perfect for you and your family and friends.


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Nicely packaged, quality finish and feel, great ergonomics when using and terrific expedited shipping.

Ann N.

We love our touché tool and use it all the time. It is the perfect size and beautifully crafted. We have bought 20 to date and have gifted them to people, who have since told us they love it as well

Lee A.

I have bought 7 or 8 so far. One for myself which I take everywhere and use the rest for little gifts. It is forever on my keychain.

Patricia H.

This is such a sturdy and handy tool ... it's also stylish! Customer service and mailing times were friendly & efficient.

Odette D.
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